Love and purpose in the age of isolation

I see dozens of kind messages. Business encouragement. Free services. Free 30-day subscriptions. And messages from experts that encourage all brands to be generous, humane and empathetic. But I can only ask myself: Is this relevant for all brands?

If there is a time for authenticity, it is now. However, it would be useful to ask what aspect a brand should do or make its voice heard. For it to work, it has to be true. Let it be felt and embodied. Opportunism is the enemy of brands right now. This is why the knowledge of one brand’s purpose makes sense, more than ever now. And it is through the manifestation of its difference and its DNA that a brand can truly make an impression.

Let’s take the example of Seduction shops. A brand well known to Quebecers for its offer of accessories and erotic products. A local reference for sexual health, well-being and discovery. Moreover, its positioning is rooted in the desire to advise for pleasure. The company did not just comment on its responsible position during the crisis. They also decided to offer lightness to their clientele, as an opportunity to discover themselves and explore more. (

In another example, the famous Bota Bota spa-on-water spa had to close its facilities, in accordance with the emergency measures put in place by the Quebec government. In this time of crisis, Quebecers also need to take care of themselves, physically, but also mentally. The raison d’être of Bota Bota is not only to offer a real spa experience to its guests, but to offer them a framework of absolute well-being. When you can no longer offer this framework, what do you do? You export and improvise the production of meditative imagery, guided by a soft and benevolent voice. Then you share for the good of the collective. (Meditative imagery)

It is not for nothing that initiatives like rainbow hunting work so well. We need to unite. We need to feel and know that the strength of the collective is there to stay and that it will be there when the time comes to get up. While waiting for your brand to return to normal, ask yourself: how can your brand demonstrate and sustain its purpose to your customers? And if you need help finding the answer, the dada team is there.

With (distant) love and (social) purpose.