For the love of the Cooperative
and the power of gatherings.


The 2018 congress of Desjardins Enterprises is the centerfold of innovation and motivation of its sales force. It is looked upon from the entire cooperative as a powerful and meaningful event. The happening inspires, motivates, engages and helps business development teams in becoming better and more in the know of the future of the market. With over 1,200 guests, the two-day event needed a strong and playful visual platform to support its business and creative contents.


Develop the event branding and theme under the direction of Together 2018: First in the heart of entrepreneurs. Conceive and produce all communication tools, as well as event content, in the form of motion design animations, wayfinding, as well as all necessary supports (schedule, information, daily journal, and more.)

  • Brand Identity
  • Print Production
  • Photography
  • Idea Generation
  • Event Contents
  • Motion Design


Execute the entire project under a six-week timeline.

Consolidate communication needs and requests of more than 13 business departments of the Desjardins Mouvement.

Respect the existing brand parameters, while remaining creative to conceive a playful visual platform for the occasion.


Highest ever appreciation rate from the employees of Desjardins Enterprises 97 %.

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