For the love of agriculture
and the power of innovation.


Robitaille is a well established agriculture family-business who has built a credibility in the Quebec industry with over 50 years of proven expertise. An undisputed leader for three consecutive generations, the organization has patented the famous Nagano pork, a product exported exclusively to Japan (95% of total production), with the highest-quality standards. Notwithstanding its business success, the company faced a growing labour shortage and had increasing difficulty recruiting new employees.


Find a brand positioning for the company, with a communication axis strong enough to resonate with its employees as with its customers. Conceive a brand platform to recruit new employees, as well as built brand awareness for the organization.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Print Production
  • Employer Brand
  • Internal Campaign
  • Photography
  • Brand Content


Recruiting in a labour shortage context, with a negative perception of the job category.

Reconcile the employee experience with the customer  experience around the group.

Find a brand positioning and purpose that would be future-forward and carry the innovative transformation of the industry.

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